At Quarterback Entertainment we work very closely with our clients and we oversee all aspects of their careers. We make sure to safeguard a solid ground from where creativity and business thrive as one. Our clients' long term reputation is always more important than the short term goal of saying yes to any given offer.

We believe in team efforts. Internally and with our clients. Together we're on a mission to help our clients grow, flourish and be in the driver's seat of their own career. We provide an innovative team with a hefty experience in the music and entertainment industry. We like to think of ourselves as a forward thinking bunch. Our proven track record showcases that. As a result our clients benefit from a connected and steadfast organization of people sharing a common understanding of how artists and performers navigate in a constantly changing environment. We bring creativity and business expertise together incorporating a boutique mentality, yet resourceful enough to undertake the duties of both domestic as well as international direction. Through our entrepreneurial approach we have developed an acute perception of establishing people as brands and cultivating the unfolding of such a finespun process.

Quarterback also oversees the websites and social networks for most of our clients. We work closely with numerous other talent agencies, music publishers, TV networks, fashion agencies, production companies, record labels, merchandise companies, advertising agencies and many other professionals whom in one way or another provide a service to our clients.

We value openness and transparency in business and make great effort to represent and solidify our clients' stature and reputation in such a manner. We think it's great to be around people that we like and do business with. In fact, we love it. We hope it goes on forever.